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Life is Like Water Flowing

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By: Ubaydillah, AN
Jakarta, 07.05.2007

Understanding the Practice

We all have often heard someone who sounded roughly like this: “My life just mother flowing like water.” A friend who was presenting the material training about the purpose of life (life goal), could be explained at length to convince participants that the theory of life’s purpose is not contrary to the theory of life flowing like water, like they have adopted over the years.

Literally, in ore-Cretan on white paper, or verbal agree, greeting above it can easily be understood by anyone. And generally, the understanding that created no different. The difference is in practice the mining life, not in theory or in the cognitive understanding. Well, meaning in practice is related to the quality of the mental attitude of personal / individual. Concrete picture we might be able to observe the practices below.

For people with certain mental attitude of quality, speech above might represent the focus and flexibility in thought. People who focus and flexibility is the person who has a purpose in life, focus on that goal, and run the agenda for realizing this goal is very flexible. Flexible here, if explains on the life of a sailor, probably a good explanation is that there is a beautiful initiative against the waves.

A sailor who was probably issued a flexible stance-a stance that comes out of the initial scenario, but he told himself to remain focused on its purpose. Even when it should be replaced for several reasons, he would substitute a balanced menciptkan, worth or with a better view. So, focus and flexibility here means it is dynamic. Two people that I read his biography describes the focus and flexibility that is Mas Iwan Fals and Mr. Bob Sadino. Both of them have no such technical agenda timetable school children about what to do tomorrow. Both chose to live like water flowing.

If according to the experience of Musashi, a champion who lived in 1584-1645 and is now thinking much studied by business experts from leading universities in the world, philosophy of life to flow like water is explained by the term “ordered and flexibility” Water is a creature that is very ordered. He had a basic character for flows with various gaps that might to be broken. In addition, water is also very flexible. Mixed with anything, he can adapt and at the same time, the water remains water.

On the other hand, for certain people with certain mental qualities, speech above might represent the uncertainty of life, surrender to fate fate, or dissolve into reality. The ambiguity here is different from the focus and flexibility. The location of those differences is the goal and the steps being taken to achieve that goal. When we say our life flows like water, but no goals to be achieved and there is no real lengkah steps we take, then we may not be the dynamic of the flow, rather than an ordered and flexibility, but maybe like a man who carried the waves in the ocean.

The key is balance

When viewed by using a positive lens, the essence of the philosophy of life to flow like water that is actually a balance. Balanced here means free from things that are extreme. Usually, things were not too good extreme consequences for us, either personal or social.

If we already have goals, targets, visions or whatever his name, then we’ve run a real agenda for realizing this goal, this course is good. But if we respond and live in the extreme, excessive, only that we think in a rigid, of course this is also not good. This could make us into a creature that is very individualist dry.

Application of the concept of Management By Objective (MBO) has proved this. Concept developed by McGregor Dauglas this was assessed as a real form of Theory Y in the management application. With the MBO is intended that every person in the organization needs to have a strict target for achieving the goal. Profit organizations and workers were lucky.

The idea in this concept is certainly good. But when applied in an extreme (excessive, too strict on that target, too stepped process), there were bad things that arise in organizations. The dominant one is the emergence of selfishness of individuals or units within an organization that could threaten performance. For example, they do not want to know the marketing division with the operation or vice versa. What will happen? Certainly harmed the organization. Organizations can not provide optimal service to customers due to internal egoism.

So also if we live our lives too follow the reality, so accept reality. The consequences can be worse than the one above. Accepting the reality that good / positive. If we can accept, then we will be able to understand. If we can understand, then our minds will be easier to determine what we will do. That way, our lives become an ordered and flexibility, not easily upset by the reality and do not quarrel with reality.

But if we run this in an extreme way, too resigned to their fate, too rely on God, certainly not good. Therefore, both the concept of knowledge or concept of religion, none of which justify this. Religion teaches that a person could play a role as caliph (decision maker) and as the servants (submission to God) in a balanced manner. This is so that our life flows like water. One hand we must think as a powerful creature with the caliph of us, but on the other hand, we still think as a servant of the weak by our servant hood.

Some Ideas Teaching

Peter Senge refers to ideas about learning, there exist terms Adaptive Learning and Generative Learning. Generative means we formulate the concept of the reality that we want, for example, have a target, goal or vision. You are the law of yourself. While Adaptive mean we draw lessons from the reality that emerged out of the scenario, for example, become more creative, more innovative, and so on.

Calculations, if we have successfully run two model learning, then our lives will be more dynamic or flowing like water. We still have goals we want to achieve and at the same time, we can still get around the problem or circumstances that arise outside of scenarios.

In addition, we can also perform the following steps:

First, multiply the area. Ideally, not only the financial area, we give just a target on our lives. We need to add, for example, the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, family, child education, and others. That said, Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, had a record of as many as a hundred goals in him.

Pursuing financial target is good, because the fact is all the matters needed money. But if only that which concerns us in excess, certainly not a good result. The most real examples such as the achievement of our financial targets in the region is good, but other regions, say the family or children s education, not good or messy. What will happen? Surely we can not enjoy it very nice financial achievements when compared with the example we continue to maintain a balance of other areas.

Second, determine the priorities. I wish all of us, surely we want the things that ideal at the same place and at the same time. This is indeed human. But we ourselves know that reality is more often engaged in logging. The problem we face today is different from what we are facing so many years ago. More different in that we will encounter later. Therefore we need to determine the scale of priorities which we most priority (first priority), where we have important value (Important), and which we value urgency (urgent).

Third, learn to sharpen the focus. The focus of this capability. That is, people will have an increasingly good kefokusan level when he learned (acquired skill). As it related to ability, then that becomes decisive here is not the world outside of ourselves but the world inside us. World outside ourselves do have influence but not determine its nature.

Examples in the field have much to prove it. Many housewives who work outside the home but still can arrange its focus to educating children. Many of our fighters in the past that have a lot of work, drive out invaders from the start affair, office affairs, affairs of others, but still able to focus on families, on children, and others.

In essence, we need to fight the reasons we have created their own relating to this focus. For example, we reasoned busy affairs of another job so messy. If we justify (justification), indeed it will actually happen. But if our opponent himself, his chances of winning are still wide open. The focus here shed or ability to concentrate on the things we think is important.

Fourth, stay flexible. Between focus and flexibility can not be separated if we want a good result. The focus of our inner meaning (the mind) remains on target we have made. While flexible means of our actions (action) to adjust to reality. Like a person driving a vehicle, the focus is needed so that we get to destination safely and quickly. While the flexibility needed to accommodate road conditions. When the road turns, we need to bluff. Even if the way we know there are traffic jams and street rat, yes, it is necessary we travel. In essence, the focus and flexibility will help us lead the philosophy of life flowing like water.

Fifth, maintain a balance 3K. As I have often written, the intention is here 3K Needs (K1), Desire (K2) and smoothness (K3). So that our life flows like water, it needs to be balanced 3K. The need here is the urgency that can not be postponed, such as food, school fees, repair vehicles, and so on. While the desire here is something new that has not materialized or partially materialized, such as career development, business, education, and so on. As for the smooth settlement of the problem here is that appears.

If we only pursue urgently the needs of nature, or feel intimidated by the only short-term needs of the everyday, the steps we are not dynamic. Why? The reason, so that our lives require a dynamic vision (desire), which we strive. But if we are more focused on the realization of a desire to ignore the needs, this is also not realistic. One can not pursue a desire that is still far away when threatened daily needs.

So also if we think every time it’s a problem. Too extreme to see life from the side of the problem will make our lives can not flow like water. The way we look anything like this could be going to cover our eyes to opportunities. However, if we ignore the problem in an extreme way, even this would threaten the security we are. Problem long ignored dilate and it will limit our lives. Therefore, Anthony Robbins advised, use the 10% your mind to see the problem then use the remainder to view solutions or opportunities.

By running the above steps, does not mean that direct our lives perfect. Therefore, perfection is a process which is always improving. Hopefully we can run.


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