Friday, July 6, 2007

The fact that God or Reality?

Approximately two years ago, exactly 18 to 20 February 2005 at the Multimedia Room TVST, ITB & February 27, 2005 at ITB ComLabs there is a Student Journalism Training Bandung Raya and I attended there as a participant. Chief executive of Mustika Amandra Megarani or my usual greetings Tea Andra then Insurers said Bayu Syerli Rachmat. This training is held in cooperation Tempo, Gatra, Galamedia, ComLabs, EEP Language Training Center, Persma ITB, ITB Boulevard, Department of Public Communication and KM-ITB Gamais Lantern.

The history of the material covered by Pak Rum Student Press Ally (Activist Student Press 60-70), namely Mr. Bambang Coverage Management Harimurty (Leader magazine Tempo) & M. Ridho Eisy (President Galamedia), with S. Media Publishing Management Malela Mahargasarie (Executive Editor of Tempo Magazine), Engineering News Investigative Team Tempo Editor, Engineering News Editor Tim Featured namely Tempo & Publishing Media Workshop is Gatra layout team.

When the material lasts Coverage Management Mr. Bambang Harimurty asked participants between fact & reality. Participants in trouble argued with their respective arguments and the atmosphere was heightened when he asked God if it was fact or reality?

From the above discussion there is no single satisfactory answer to my mind! I am asking all the same automated people who are around me relevant facts and reality. When I asked my senior "if God is fact or reality?" He seemed shocked by my question and answered with a brief "Wow li yaa carefully, I also have friends like to ask the time in Lampung his pants so rich and so he finally ga hooded and blah blah blah "I cuman smile and immediately passed silently grumbling 'yee ko ni people so really the answer, if said aja ga ga know you know simple?' average was his explanation of the facts and reality always leaves questions increasingly making me confused! Gemes, kesel .....

But thank God, after two years have passed now it's finally been answered related to facts and reality. Now let us compare the definitions related paradigm of reality that is what happened then that is a fact of reality that is happening, which is true (no argument). Examples of such ease conflict in Poso, this is the reality and the facts could be a conflict that caused the deaths or not.

Then what about God? Fact or reality? Well because I am a Muslim, then I believe that God is a fact & reality because we can know God or God with our minds through al-qur'an (argumentative) and in reality even we can see ourselves, from our beautiful fingers , eyes, ears and also with everything that exists around us like a towering green trees, beautiful skies, flowers orcid with beautiful colors and shapes, the morning sun which is always embrace you with a warm, caressing breeze that blows when our overheated , rain water that falls from sky to earth, cool right?

Are all the amazing reality that I mentioned above there by itself without being set? Of course not, the books piled up or disheveled even there must be a scramble-ngacaknya, right? Especially for the living system so structured, systematic and there must be exceptional which creates!

Like the Boing 737 plane is there because there are created not because there was a pile of iron and then a whirlwind & Be Boing 737 aircraft, if there is an opinion so sure that intelligent people think he's crazy!

So do the atheists who proudly does not recognize the existence of God because they swallow them raw like Stalin's materialistic philosophy which has made a lot of Russian people who died of starvation and its policies are extremely inhumane. This happens with the background when the young Stalin Mas reading Charles Darwin's thinking and so co-opted by the Charles and Stalin eventually joined the Atheist community to deliver it to the President of Russia!

Russia only last for 70 years and Russia was eventually collapses under its own people, then the Capitalist ideology how are you today? Facts are now showing a result of the capitalist system in Africa occurred poverty & hunger incredible.

Moreover, Indonesia, with rising fuel, the government argued, the increase in world crude oil prices are now above 50 U.S. dollars perbarel make government subsidies paid to fuel huge. This subsidy is better given to the people in need, not to the owners of the car. So far, there is the Social Safety Net program Poor Families (JPS-Gakin) taken from the Compensation Fund of fuel. However, we know that the program is still far from effective, are still too many poor families who have never heard of, let alone feel it.

Government action to reduce (let alone revoke) "subsidy" in the middle of fuel-load condition of the population that are economically very heavy-is an act of tyranny against the people. Action could also be viewed as a form of treason against the people they are because they should always attempt to relieve the burden on people, not to have even more people add to the burden which resulted in increasing people's misery!

Then the state universities in Indonesia is now one by one into BHMN (Have a Legal Entity State) where the university would become like the company is looking for funding their own education which resulted in the University semester students raise money, as well as a symposium Sisters who took part yesterday in the UPI, he was a student UGM and said that after GMU became BHMN fee per semester that he must pay two-fold jump! And this is a form of government hand-washing of its responsibility to take care of affairs of the people!

Is not Indonesia has abundant gold mine in Papua? But unfortunately the government is more willing to wealth of the people submitted to a foreign party for the welfare of the natives. Especially with the Investment Law that foreign investors may invest up to 100%!

Like a thief who visit the house of a family & the thief does not want to go from the house. Then the head of his family had to convince families to let these thieves live there and share his home with the thefts of two without wanting to try to defend the right of the They. whatever happens?!

Will we still see us as ade-ade-Archipelago could not continue their education just because their parents have no money? whatever happens we see the babies this nation successor starvation because obviously malnourished due to the high price of food because of soaring prices. whatever happens us with all the downturn experienced by Indonesia for less money? While the wealth of gold we obviously stolen foreign parties?

Unlimited-alienated room ..


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