Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hike through Deep Creek Highlands

I was walking through Deep Creek Highlands the last week, taking some photos of a new lot listing on Westward Way, and I happened upon a mother and baby deer nibbling on on some fresh landscaping. They looked spooked, because they didn't expect me, and I admit I jumped a little when I saw them move. Regardless, I snapped a few quick photos and they went about their business.

One of the great features of the Deep Creek Highlands community is the walking trails. There is a beautiful path to the lake, surrounded by a mountain stream, blackberry patches and some breathtaking views of Deep Creek Lake. It is lot more enjoyable going down the path than it is coming up the path - it is definitely a challenging hike. But, it's worth it. There a few places to rest along the way, and it meanders through the communities of Waterside at Wisp and Southridge. It ultimately leads to the Lakeside Park on Marsh Hill Road, one of the amenities of ownership to some of the communities of Wisp Resort. I snapped a few photos there, hopped on the boat and was well on my way.


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