Sunday, December 20, 2009

Even MORE Parental Abdication in Action: Church Day Care Drugging Children

It seems you can't even trust the Lord with your kids these days.

The Covenant Church in Ohio has day care workers drugging the kids with melatonin on a regular basis, without regard to age and weight for dosage. The workers in question were merely injecting liquid into pieces of candy, then giving it to kids as young as two months old.

This is what can happen, as attested by countless nanny-cams and eyewitness accounts (as this one was), as well as numerous doctor visits where child abuse is often detected with a thorough exam and x-rays.

If you or your spouse can't stay home to RAISE the little buggers you brought into the world, THEN DON'T MAKE THEM! Nobody else will instill your values and have your complete trust, and pretending they will doesn't make it happen. Who suffers in the end? The kid, of course, and maybe society later on if another Columbine breaks out.


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