Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Heat on the Street Part II

Not only did my neighbors bear nicely-bundled regulation "fruit" piles yesterday for garbage pickup (which they gladly let me take), my other neighbor was chainsawing all the scrub and ornamental trees out of his yard, as they had overgrown badly, and he was trying to clear his yard to sell his house. I told him (between rounds of chainsawing) to just huck the branches and limbs over the fence into my backyard.

My neighbor behind me also let me know that he had piles of wood (real firewood, pre-cut) ans well as tree limbs and other "burnable" debris in his yard. I also told him to huck it all over the fence, and I'd get it. Instead, he's going to load it up in his garden wheelbarrow and bring it to my carport (via another neighbor's back yard cut-through).

I've got more free heat than I could ever dream of! Santa, we already have an axe, but a chain saw and a pickup truck would be nice.


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