Sunday, December 27, 2009


When coming middle Easterly [at] century of IV SM. Glorious Aleksander bring not merely military clan but also civil clan. Its target is not only broadening its power area out Masedonia, but also inculcate culture of Greek [in] entered areas [it]. For that he perform [a] integration [among/between] brought Greek people [it], with local resident. By way of that way expand middle Greek science and falsafat In the East, and arise centers civilization of Greek like lskandariah ( from name of Aleksander) [in] Egypt, Antakia [in] Suria, Selopsia and also Jundisyapur [in] Iraq and of Baktra ( now Balkh) [in] lran.
When [all] Friend Prophet of Muhammad submit Islam mission to the areas happened war [among/between] strength of Islam and strength of Empire of Bizantium [in] Egypt , Suria and also Iraq, and strength of Empire of Persian [in] Iran. This Areas, by winning [him/ it] strength of Islam in war, fall downwards power of Islam. But its resident, as according to teaching of al-Qur'an, that [there] no constraint in religion and that obligation of moslem only submitting brought [by] teachings [is] Prophet, [do] not be forced [by] [all] friend to enter Islam. They remain to embrace their religion initialy especially embracing religion of Nasrani and Jew.
Of citizen of[is non this Islam arise one in ill part faction with power of Islam and therefore wish Islam memajuhkan. They even also attack Islam by moving forward arguments pursuant to falsafat which they obtain;get [is] Greek. Than Islam people [party/ side] arise one faction which see that that attack cannot be parried except by wearing philosophic arguments also. For that they study Greek science and falsafat. Dimiciling high mind in idea


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