Saturday, January 2, 2010

Effective health professions education

Effective health professions education is central to the task of
meeting the health care needs of communities and regions. The
goal of FAIMER’s education program is to create and enhance
educational opportunities for those who teach health professionals.
These educational opportunities provide the skills and knowledge
necessary to enhance and expand health professions education,
with the goal of improving health outcomes.
FAIMER’s education program focuses primarily on serving
educators and institutions in developing regions in South Asia,
Africa, and Latin America. These geographical emphases
concentrate local networks of health professions educators,
facilitating communication and collaboration. They also establish
local working models for enhancing health professions education.
The goal is for the regional proximity of Fellows to provide a strong
community of peer support for improving education and local health
FAIMER’s education programs include the FAIMER Institute,
FAIMER Regional Institutes, and the International Fellowship in
Medical Education (IFME) program. The FAIMER Institute is an
entry point for faculty development. After the two-year Institute
program, selected Fellows enter the IFME program, through which
they pursue advanced degrees in health professions education via
distance learning programs at institutions worldwide.
Using the FAIMER Institute as a model, FAIMER has launched
a series of Regional Institutes, which bring together health
professions educators to explore education methods and leadership
skills, provide opportunities to discuss local health care needs,
and support local professional networks of health professions


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