Friday, April 16, 2010

This Just In: Health Insurers Hedge Bets with Fast Food Stocks

From ABC News. Who didn't see THIS coming? I'm surprised they didn't buy Toyota stock as well...or maybe gun manufacturers, or WV coal mine stocks!

"The investments were in the five largest fast-food corporations -- Jack in the Box, McDonald's, Burger King, Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and others), and Wendy's/Arby's, according to J. Wesley Boyd of Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance in Massachusetts and colleagues."


"If the insurance industry is willing to invest in products known to be harmful and/or kill people then, prima facie, this is not an industry that actually cares about health and well-being."


"The health insurance industry is going to have a much bigger stake in providing healthcare, and what we're doing in our paper is reminding people that [the industry's] primary interests are in earning money and generating profit, not in insuring people's health," he said."

I suppose they also own cigarette maker stocks. Nothing surprises me any more. Let this be one of those off-the-wall stock buy suggestions: look into seed companies, fertilizer companies, publicly-owned nurseries and plant stores, and large farms that produce fruits and vegetables (like Dole, Birdseye, and the larger organic companies, like Hain/Celestial).

Instead of merely TALKING about hope, and EXPECTING change, let's invest in it instead...Hedge THEIR hedge, as it were.


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