Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Just In: Surging Interest Rates Ahead, Part 1

From Martin Weiss Research.

Remember back when the prime rate was 21% (Carter/Bush I era)? It's coming back, and you'll be glad you paid off your credit card debt!

"Brace yourself for one of the greatest interest-rate surges in decades — beginning first in the long-term Treasury markets … later spreading to shorter term Treasuries … and ultimately enveloping nearly every loan, debt, credit, and money market instrument on the planet.

This rise may not begin with great fanfare. Nor will it immediately upset the apple cart of the economic recovery. But with the march of time, it WILL gain momentum and reach critical mass."

This is why you should have bought (and still can buy) while rates and prices are low--because it won't last. We're repeating every Democrat president's economic errors, starting with the outrageous amounts of spending and wildfire expansion of government, and I wouldn't doubt it if we end up rationing gas to odd-even days again.

Eventually, inflation is going to bite us so hard, we won't even be able to afford to eat, and that's why I stressed stocking a pantry during the lowest economic times--you buy ((or should have bought) when prices were low. Saving change will become fruitless, because the value of each coin won't be face value after inflation! Government assistance will buy you less and less--even the government is subject to inflation.

If we have two more months of job GAINS instead of losses, we are officially leaving the "W" behind and are on our final giant upward swing back into prosperity. That prosperity will come with a price, and that price is inflation. Are you ready for it? Are your savings and investments ready for it?

Relax--you still have time to form a plan for the investments. The panrty you should have completed by now.


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