Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Hair Secret of Mine

Thankfully in the last few years in New York, it seems just about every time I go to an event or big party there is a swag bag (gift bag) handed out as you leave the event. I seem to be one of the few that actually treasure these bags and take the time to look through them and use the products given out for free (I love free stuff).

In such an event late last year I received a bottle of Mizani Thermastrenght Serum. After sitting in my cabinet for a few weeks along with my multitude of other untouched hair products I decided to test this serum out as my hair was looking quite unruly (unfortunately all my gray dyed hair has taken away my straight, baby fine hair). I pumped a dime sized amount and ran it through my hair after I shampooed and conditioned it.  After blow drying I was just amazed with the results. My hair was soft, sleek, shiny and it looked like I had a professional blow out. 

The following few weeks I took the time to blow dry my hair correctly instead of the chaotic manner in which I always aimed the dryer at my hair and between actually taking the time to do it right and the Mizani product I received so many compliments on a daily basis that I started sharing my hair beauty secret to friends of mine that I thought had over processed hair that made them look older than they really are (yes that was quite ballsy of me to do). So now my Mizani is a product that I will not be without for as long as they make it. This is not a professional endorsement, it merely is my experience and I have been wanting to share it since the day I realized I didn't need to go to the salon to get professional looking results which in this economy can be much appreciated. 

Mizani Thermastrenght Serum can be found in beauty stores across the USA but I just order it online at Sleekhair.com (I left a glowing comment on the site). It's the little things in life like this that can help cheer you up and transform you and make everyday a great hair day. Let me know your results if you decide to try it out.



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