Monday, May 17, 2010

Plan B--Skip College

From the New York Times.

"A small but influential group of economists and educators is pushing another pathway: for some students, no college at all. It’s time, they say, to develop credible alternatives for students unlikely to be successful pursuing a higher degree, or who may not be ready to do so."


"Among the top 10 growing job categories, two require college degrees: accounting (a bachelor’s) and postsecondary teachers (a doctorate). But this growth is expected to be dwarfed by the need for registered nurses, home health aides, customer service representatives and store clerks. None of those jobs require a bachelor’s degree."


"I’m not saying don’t get the B.A,” he said. “I’m saying, let’s get them some intervening credentials, some intervening milestones. Then, if they want to go further in their education, they can."

Exactly what the Amish do--if furthering their education (through workshops lectures, and training, but no college or formal settings) will help their work life (or business life), then they pursue it. Otherwise, it's money that could've been spent more efficiently.


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