Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Time, I Got the Jump on Glenn Beck

Last night, he talked about what may be coming--rationing. Usually, he gets the jump on me (his antenna is bigger) for seeing over the horizon, but this time, I got him.

My tinfoil hat scenario (as my husband calls it): whether or not the North Koreans, backed up by the Chinese, declare war on South Korea, dragging us, possibly Europe, and definitely Russia into it (not on our side, of course), there will be rationing--Obama and his very powerful/influential power-and-money-seeking circle of friends will see to it, because it's the ultimate social justice. It conveniently answers many of society's problems in one fell swoop.

There is a platform being set for a one-world order---global governance, and guess who'd be in charge? The same power structure in the shadows of the Obama admin. today, plus the illustrious Al Gore, and whatever Mao/Stalin worshipers still exist.

I foresee China as being ultimate authority if any of this comes true, which means lifetime rationing (as it does in China and North Korea now). Guaranteed and continued employment will actually mean slave labor for all of us. Eminent domain will mean guaranteed housing for all of us, since there aren't many countries with private property rights.

It's a Socialist's dream, I know, but it came to me while I was awake. Pray I'm wrong (I do), and pray we manage to pull away from the iron grip of Democrat power and intent.

What else can you do? Prepare for it--learn all you can about rationing, WWII, the Korean War, Socialism, and if you haven't got that pantry stocked by now, woe is you--the currency will be devalued to the point where you won't be able to afford anything, and you can't eat gold. You can eat from credit cards, so they'd better be cleared of debt.

As far as rationing and hoarding, inspectors used to come to houses in Europe and check your house to make sure you weren't hoarding, and if you were, they'd take it away. My suggestion is to have a backup pantry offsite--I'm looking into renting a storage unit and filling it with backup supplies (there is talk of our own "lost decade" like Japan, so I'd plan for that). I'd definitely plan for at least the remaining time Obama has in office, plus the next administration (so we're talking 6 years minimum). It will take at least a decade to undo what has been done.

Your money is best spent invested in non-perishable food and supplies at this point, because the whole world will be going down in flames (well, not literally, but economically), and there will be no safe place to invest (except maybe in military contractors). The shadow powers-to-be want to control energy (electric rationing/gas and oil rationing), health care (HCR rationing), the internet (net neutrality), housing (Fannie Mae, the unending bailout fund, and holder of some 97% of our mortgages), banking (financial reform), employment and manufacturing (unions), and possibly the food supply (ignoring the Gulf Coast oil mess, killing off much of our seafood industry--I haven't figured out the rest yet).

Surprisingly, rationing might just save a lot of currently-obese lives. Sadly, land (some 10 million acres) from Montana to New Mexico are quietly being eminent-domained by the Feds in order to build monuments (or so they say)--this is land that could be farmed, or just lived on with housing. My personal feeling is that they intend to make this some sort of reservation (or maybe even prison camps?). Tell me who needs 10 million acres for a monument or two?

This has been my tinfoil hat moment brought to you by Reynolds Wrap. :)


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