Friday, June 4, 2010

Between Leaders and rulers

No presidential or general elections said in the Qur'an. But, surely, does not mean that the Koran does not regulate them. In our political context, for example, the president said in the Qur'an is called with two words which mean the same, but substantially different meanings. Two said it was the caliph and imam. In Indonesian, the two words meaning the same: leaders or rulers. But substantively, different meanings. The word stems from the word caliphate khalafa. That is, pointing to someone who is 'behind'. That is why Caliph defined as someone who replaces existing characters 'in front' (predecessor).
While the priest is the person who said there is' in front. " This word is often interpreted as a role model: leading in all the good behavior, decent, honorable, highly moral, wise, humble, and foremost in faith and piety. Khalifa said still divided again in the singular and plural. In the singular, for example, can be found in al-Baqarah verse 30:''Remember when your Lord said to the angels, 'Verily I am about to make a caliph in the earth'.''In the plural, khalaif, called four times in the Qur'an , and called three times Khilafat. Said the priest in the Koran called seven times, and special, meaning and context are not the same. This paper refers to the priest as a majestic figure, a character all the characters who become role models for children and all mankind, namely Abraham.
''Behold, I will make you (Abraham) priests for all mankind.''(Sura 2: 124). Abraham became the leader (imam) directly from God, not through a process of deliberation (democracy or elections). So did the Prophet Muhammad, which, like Abraham, could actually play the role of the ruler with enormous power, but rather chose to become 'leaders' course. In a political context, in a simple, leaders and rulers can be president is usually the king. However, not a president who played a role as a ruler. In fact, the sole ruler whose power can not be controlled by the people. Leaders and ruling that the two positions, two types, two of which are often contradictory mandate.
According to a simple interpretation Emha Ainun Nadjib, ruler of managing the power himself to many people, while the leaders manage love and penyejahteraan system. But in general, KH and Prof Dr Azhar Basyir concluded Quraish Shihab: The Qur'an calls the leader (caliph) was,''Those who if We teguhkan their position on this earth, they would establish regular prayer and practice regular charity, doing a ma ordered 'ruf (good) and to prevent actions that munkar.''(Al-Hajj: 41). Meaning of a piece of verse was once widespread, involving the obligation in a relationship to God, with society, the universe, do good, forbidding the evil - well according to religious, social, political, or cultural. True, a leader like this who should we choose to lead this nation. (EH aquatic mammal)
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