Sunday, August 1, 2010

Effect of bleeding limits of permissibility

What is a toilet in his word Almighty, "And ye jangan1ah decorated like those formerly Pagan" (Surat al-Ahzab: 33) and what the meaning of the hadith of the Prophet, "At last my Ummah there will be women who dressed but [essentially] they were naked, they deviate [from the truth] and does not have a stand like a camel-camel of useless fat (kaasminati al-bukhti al-ijaf), laknatlah them because they are cursed. "

The verse would like to emphasize on the Prohibition primp, namely the release of a woman with a prominent jewelry show, either by wearing cosmetics or open face (not covered), or by wearing a sexy outfit in which her female moves outside the environment of women, which result directly or not directly to the attraction of the opposite sex as mentioned in another verse, "Thou shalt not speak so berkeinginanlah submission in person is a disease in his heart." (Surat al-Ahzab: 32)

Indeed the Qur'an al-Karim did not want her out of the house with a fishing-style state "wontpeople who have the disease in his heart." Or, speaking style that invites sexual desire.

And perhaps the intent of the women who dress however they are naked women who wear clothes, but their behavior in the midst of society just like the behavior of a naked woman, because she So  things to attract the opposite sex, and he So side of feminism in therein, where the same thing for him either he was wearing clothes or not.

When a woman is entitled to an ornate? And what limits are put in it? And is entitled to her in this state to primp with the popularity of clothing? Why?

Women have the right to put all her jewelry among other women, until the limit is not a factor of attractiveness among the women themselves to him, which may encourage sexual deviations other women (lesbian-Ed.). And she can enjoy her feminine nature to the peak with her husband, because there is nothing forbidden between husband and wife at this level.

As for when he was (together) with the men, then he must try to appear as a man, where man does not feel the scent of an attractive feminine instincts. On that basis, she can leave the house by wearing clothing that shows a balance syar'i and humanitarian values, which makes other people look at him with human vision to other human.

While the popularity of related apparel, so it was an issue concerning the preservation of the Shari'a (tahaffuzh syar'i) for men and women.

Regarding jewelry, what is permissible and forbidden from him? Does God forbid perfume?

God does not forbid perfume unless it has a strong penetration, if formed sexual element to the opposite sex, and do not forbid ordinary jewelry, for example, a ring that used women in his hands as he left the house. However, women should not reveal her jewelry such as necklaces and others, and all the things that have a negative effect on the balance of nature.

What Islamic opinion about the efforts to beautify themselves through surgery and the use of pigments (dyes) that are not clear and obvious?

There is no prohibition for women to perform cosmetic surgery if he finds some ugliness (defects) in the body. But, let him consider the Shari'a rules associated with male doctors and female doctors.



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