Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't Go to the Makeup Counter, Hair Salon, or Nail Parlor—With or Without Me

I’ve seen many “help me” pleas for cheaper hair care products, cheaper makeup, and cheaper nail care products, and the advice I have to give is this: drink more water, eat more produce, and maybe add 1-2 fish oil caps to your regimen.

If you want to improve your appearance, do it from the inside first—eat better, more nourishing foods, drink more water, and increase your Omega-3 intake. Your hair, skin, and nails will improve from the inside out, alleviating the necessity for buying extra junk products that only enhance the surface.

While you’re eating more produce and drinking more water, get used to the appearance you have naturally. There’s no need to re-make yourself into someone else’s idea of a pleasing image, unless maybe you have a burn injury, scar, or a debilitating birthmark (which may possibly be aided with laser treatment).

We spend so much of our time, energy, and money on “goop” and specialized, intricate tools for concealment of natural hair, skin, and nails—and we don’t even realize it. What does it really get us…a better job, a better date/spouse, a better photograph? Nope--just a better feeling about ourselves. “Hope in a bottle,” we might say. “Cheaper than self-esteem therapy,” we might also say.

Spend your money on your INSIDES to refresh your outsides. Stop worrying what others think of your appearance. Let your skills, talents, and character do the talking instead of your makeup and hairstyle. Give them something real to talk about besides your latest nail job.

I won't even get into the insane amounts of unspeakable chemicals that hide in hair, skin, and nail products--just hearing them would cause you to drop dead, let alone prolonged repeated exposure!

Next time you need a haircut, a nail job, or some sort of makeup, consult a pro on the basics—what kind of cut or style would work best with the hair you have (rather than trying to burn a new style into it each morning), what kind of makeup and placement would highlight your best features while concealing any “flaw”, and what sort of nail treatment would highlight your natural nails in the best light (maybe a light buffing only will do the trick). Pros will know exactly what minimums you need (if any) and how to best use them. Chances are you actually need a whole lot less than you’ve been plastering on yourself.

It’s time to discover the real you. Save time, energy, and money by getting used to it, and re-acquainting the world with your natural look. Even without the goop, you’re still one-of-a-kind.

Fashion is an induced epidemic. Whether that fashion is for hair, makeup, or nails, it’s still an induced epidemic of someone else’s taste. Simplify and start showing the world what you’ve got instead.


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