Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dr. Oz's Cheapskate Advice for Living Longer

From NJ.com.

"Making the list of cheapie longevity boosters:

Black tea: Sipping this good, 'ol fashioned, affordable drink without too much milk or sugar is a great source of cancer and heart disease fighting flavonoids.

Ground Flax Seed: An awesome source of Omega 3's, flax seed is affordable and easy to add to your cereals, yogurts, baking mixes to get some of this heart healthy nutrient in.

Japanese Mushrooms: Tasty, slightly exotic (yet affordable) these tasty little guys are immunity boosters and contain antioxidants."

There's more at the Dr. Oz cheapskate guide to longevity site.

"My personal favorite "cheapskate" longevity tips include: eating plenty of beans, onions and garlic. Drinking green tea and keeping hydrated with plenty of water."

In fact, all the foods mentioned in the Food Stamp Challenge Cheat Sheet are dirt-cheap longevity foods.


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