Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Emergency Food Storage (or Just For Using Less Power)--Canning Meats

From Backwoods Home Magazine. Apparently you CAN can meat, and here's how. Having canned (or bottled) meat will save you energy costs in the future, since you no longer have to freeze it. Because it's not frozen, meal preparation will be so much faster. It will also be handy when the power goes out (for good or just temporarily).

Add this to your emergency food storage info, or even your energy use reduction info.

With canned meat, sprouts, and other tactics, you can withstand a war...let alone Obama's assault on our economy and employment opportunities!

Sprouts: organic sprouting seeds can keep up to 2 years, and some people have had success with 30-year-old seed that was preserved in nitrogen vacuum-sealed packages. You definitely need to add these to your emergency food supply--if it has seeds, it can be sprouted.


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