Saturday, October 16, 2010

From the Mailbag: Still a Free Lunch Out There

“Dear Wenchypoo,

I just came back from lunch. I ALWAYS bring lunch, which always consists of leftovers from dinner. But we didn't have any leftovers, so I came to work without bringing my lunch today. I was too hungry, I went to Costco for lunch. I ate two slices of pizza and a drink for $4.60. That is expensive for me, so I am feeling a little guilty about it. Can you make me feel better about this one slip-up?”

Dear Guilty,

Don’t sweat this one--I’m just kind of surprised you didn’t take advantage of the free lunch warehouse stores offer every day in the form of food demonstrations!

I read about this little secret in a dieting article I read a long time ago: the portions of the demo food is just about all you want to be eating of that particular product, so go ahead and pick one up. Move on to the next food demo stand, take one portion, then keep moving. Don’t linger at any one food display, or you give the demo person time to convince you to buy the whole product.

As many offerings as they have in any given afternoon, it’s easy to get enough food to call it a meal, albeit nutritional quality may be highly questionable.

Some stores have a schedule of food events coming up in the month, so it may be possible to time your “forgetfulness” or “leftover impairment” and still get a free lunch. Stop by the customer service desk and ask for a schedule.

*Wench's tip to avoid leftover impairment: pack your lunch FIRST before serving dinner. This insures you have a lunch for tomorrow.


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