Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marketing, Marketing Everywhere--There's No Escape!

I just came back from a rather amusing trip to the, credit union. I had a question about my mortgage escrow account, and was being helped by a rather nice servicing agent. All was pleasant until she announced a pop-up in her computer screen telling her to ask me if I was in the market for a new car.

How would her computer know if I was interested in a new car or not?

It seems the computer system at the credit union keeps track of where I use my charge card, because I recently had some work done to my car (TS Nicole did some minor flood damage to the electricals, which aren't cheap). The computer assumed I spent too much in repairs (I guess) and is ready to offer me a new car loan.

This must be the credit union's version of "do you want fries with that?" No, I do not want fries--let me pay off what I already owe!

Now I'm left thinking up devious ways to mess with the tiny computer mind by charging some rather bizarre stuff just to see what loan offers I can rack up! What will I get for charging internet porn on the card, or maybe charging repeated tattoo/body piercing visits, or multiple rounds of tequila for the entire bar? Ooh--I know: naked bull-riding. At that point, they'd probably offer me health insurance.

How would you charge to mess with the computer's tiny little mind? The thing would probably flip out if I ceased to charge altogether! I can see it now--bank tellers start swarming the neighborhood, pounding on my door just to make sure everything's okay, because their little pop-up screens told them to do so.


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