Tuesday, October 19, 2010

November is Definitely "Last Call" Month

Two reasons:

1. Midterm elections are November 2--expect nothing but gridlock from Congress at this point. True repeal efforts of Health Care Reform won't happen until 2012.

2. The Fed begins quantitative easing Round #2 on November 3--this will plunge us back into the depths of the economic morass, and will probably last a year (maybe more).

Expect more stimulus programs, more cash-for-some-clunker-or-other programs, more energy-related tax credits, and continued erosion of the dollar and continued elevation of gold to offset it. Naturally, investors and traders will flock to the only safety they've had so far: oil and commodities, which will drive up the price of both to near-record highs. This will only serve to make driving expensive (we're talking $140/barrel expensive) in spite of low demand, and make eating more expensive because raw basic commodities that go into animal feed will have risen exponentially (thanks to traders and safety-seeking), making the price of meat and animal by-products (dairy, eggs, etc.) rise as well.

If you haven't got a stocked pantry, stocked savings, clean credit card(s), a garden or sprouting equivalent, and a plan for getting through this AGAIN (this will be the second time now), don't come knocking on MY door. I'll be in the rooftop machine gun nest ABOVE the door!

Like all the other presidents in and around Depression Era times, Obama is repeating THEIR mistakes and HIS OWN. Since he hates Churchill, he can't be expected "to do the right thing when all other options are exhausted."

That leaves us. If you need help, see the pages at the top of the screen. All I can give you is advice--I need the rest for myself.


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