Friday, October 15, 2010

The Tools You'll REALLY Need to Maintain Your Home

From the NY Times. Where was this article when I bought my FIRST house? Tools and machines are what turn a shed or garage into a financial black hole--seeing as how most tools and machines have 1 function, and are rarely used, it's an awful lot of money wasted.

Let's learn how to streamline our toolboxes: according to this article, you'll only need a cordless drill, a hammer with hickory handle, a jigsaw, a single-edge pull saw, and a ratcheting multi-bit screwdriver.

Details of each are in the original article link above.

This info is going into my "Skipping Nickels and Dimes for Bigger Savings" page, and my "Streamlining With the 80/20 Principle" page.


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