Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What About the Babies?

The baby food aisle—it may as well have cans of Raid Ant & Roach Spray next to the baby food products.

The absolute worst that modern grain growers have done is to taint our baby food and formula supplies. Did you know that soy makes up nearly all commercially sold baby formulas? With up to 95% of the soy crops genetically modified, sprayed, and Rounded Up, would you knowingly feed this stuff to YOUR baby? The baby cereals on the market—what grains are in those, and how have they been treated? Now, shift your gaze to the jars—what’s really in them, and how has it been treated?

With meat carcasses being haphazardly inspected here AND abroad, livestock being pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, and sprayed and/or genetically modified feed crops, I would think twice about the meats in those jars. As for the vegetables, I would question their origin—where are they raised, does that area comply with FDA standards, are the crops sprayed and/or genetically modified in any way, and is any of this on the jar’s label?

Babies are the least immune to all this toxicity being sold to us in the form of processed food products. Why should we give them a poisoned and polluted start in life for the sake of buying a little cheap convenience?

The truth of the matter is that we really don’t even need to feed our babies this stuff—any pediatrician will tell you that breast milk is best, and table foods can be eaten when children cut their first tooth. Until such time, though, you can make your own baby foods simply by putting a little of your meal into a blender and making a puree, making sure there are no spices or condiments in it first. In short, baby can eat what you eat, whether pureed or cut into small bites. No need for expensive little jars or boxes of commercially disguised poison.

The only way to be sure you and baby are eating clean foods is to grow them yourself. Barring that, I suggest you find local organic, Amish, or Kosher sources for your food. Don’t be afraid to go out and inspect the farm yourself to look for signs of inhumane animal treatment, barrels of pesticides stacked about, or officials from Monsanto wandering the fields with clipboards monitoring their RoboCrops. Ask questions about the seeds used, and the feed crops of any livestock. Demand to be shown around to see for yourself. Take notes and do some research. Your baby’s future health is at stake.


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