Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 Signs Frugality Has Become Compulsive Hoarding

From Money Saving Blog (UK).

"There are many similarities between living a frugal lifestyle and hoarding. However, there are also key important differences between the two. Living a frugal lifestyle is okay. Compulsive hoarding doesn’t feel good and is something to get help for. Check out the following ten signs to make sure that your extreme frugality hasn’t turned into compulsive hoarding:

1. Hoarders keep things that are unsanitary or unhealthy for others in the home.

2. Hoarders get things that they don’t need just because the things are free or cheap.

3. Hoarders get mad when other people try to help them with their problem.

4. Compulsive hoarding affects personal relationships.

5. People with a hoarding problem feel an intense emotional attachment to their belongings.

6. Compulsive hoarding impairs mobility in the home.

7. Hoarding is associated with anxiety.

8. Frugal people make use of the items that they save as a resource. A hoarder intends to use the items that he or she has collected but almost never gets around to actually using them.

9. Frugal people make decisions based on logic and analysis. Hoarders are often reacting out of emotion rather than actually thinking through the pros and cons of the decisions that they make when it comes to money and material possessions.

10. Hoarders feel shame over their actions. Frugal people are proud of what they’ve accomplished in terms of saving money, re-using items and accumulating useful possessions."

See original article link for details of each sign.

"It’s important to note that there are varying degrees of severity when it comes to all types of mental health issues including hoarding. There can be a fine line between extreme frugal living and a problem with compulsive hoarding. This article isn’t meant to provide medical or psychological advice; only to point out that if your frugality is causing you problems in your life then there may be something else going on."

Hoarding food in defense of Obama is one thing; hoarding stuff just to hoard stuff is another.


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