Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5 Money Gifts For the Holidays

From Fox Business News.

"Gifts with a financial theme offer benefits that can last longer than an inexpensive toy or electronic gadget. And regardless of the names on your shopping list, there are plenty of money gifts to choose from this holiday season."

1. Buy gifts with a financial theme (books, magazine subscriptions, etc.)

2. Pay off a specific debt

3. Pay for a session with a financial adviser

4. Start a 529 plan for a relative

5. Invest in financial teaching tools (like the board game Monopoly, or the Cash Flow 101 game)

See original article link above for more details on each.

I once found a post-Depression era board game called Stock Market (it isn't available any more--I found it at an antique store), and quickly mastered it to the point nobody wanted to play with me.

To this list, and possibly replace it entirely, I add my public library card idea--that is where I learned about money. I would go to, laundry basket in tow, and check out as many books in the 342 Dewey Decimal section as the library rules would let me, and I did this until I read the entire section: from getting out of debt to complicated investing (including real estate). I learned enough to know what I didn't want to be involved in later on, and if your intended recipient can read, they can too.


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