Thursday, November 18, 2010

7 Things Savvy Bank Customers Know

From MSN Money.

1. They want all of your money.

2. Mortgage rates are negotiable.

3. Selling credit protection is one of their goals.

4. Bank employees and financial advisors are not equal.*

5. Online account information may be inaccurate.

6. Some fees can be waived.

7. Your bank can pay itself back from your accounts.

"Whether you bank with a big national bank, a credit union or a community bank, you need to take the responsibility for your own money. While some small financial institutions offer freshly baked cookies on Fridays, that little perk won't make up for some less-savory practices. Consumers need to shop for their own cookies, and for the right banking services, so they know exactly what they are getting."

For details of each, please see original article link above.

* = My niece is a head teller at a bank--a bank employee. I wouldn't go to her for financial advice on a dare, because she hasn't finished college yet, and is NOT majoring in finance or economics. Almost the same can be said for other bank employees--they are there to cash your checks, and make your deposits. Anything else is above their pay grade.


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