Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beware of Expired Food

Once again on the news last night, another "consumer detective" wandered around a convenience store and found TONS of food that had expired MORE THAN A YEAR AGO! She grabbed a can of green beans that expired TWO years ago, and took it to the clerk, pointing out the expiration date. The clerk took the can from her and set it on the back counter behind her. The "detective" had marked the can with invisible ink before bringing it to the clerks attention.

The next day, the can was found right back on the shelf where it was originally found--no effort had been made to round up the expired food, and no effort was made to isolate even the one can the "detective" had found!

CONSUMER WARNING: Whatever store you go into for groceries, make sure you aren't buying expired food--check the dates, and when possible, always grab from THE BACK OF THE SHELF. Stores stock oldest goods in front, and newer goods behind it.


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