Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beware the Quality of Reusable Shopping Bags--Some Contain Lead

From Terchnorati. Apparently, it's the ink used for the logo or other printing on the bags.

"For the moment, any kind of reusable bag made of material without sporting any printed logo or design would be the safest choice. I've not had to buy any reusable bags, either those made of recycled paper, recycled plastic bottles, or cotton canvass because I've been cutting up old curtains and turning them into grocery bags.

I find that old cotton shirts, denim, pillow cases, can all quickly be transformed into reusable grocery bags."

This is why I use an old laundry basket: easy to clean out, and no lead logo worries. It also doubles as other item carriers as well, like clothes waiting for ironing, bringing in firewood, weed corralling for disposal, etc.


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