Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The "Don't Bother" Baby Registry List

From The Stir.

"When I was pregnant, I originally wasn't going to register. For anything. See, I'm a bit of a tightwad and I LERVE me a good, frugal deal. I honestly didn't see the point in registering for brand-new stuff that I either didn't need or could mooch from a relative in decent shape.

Plus, I figured it was better for the environment, blah, blah, BLAH.

I have a huge family so the shower was going to be a HUGE affair. A few relatives convinced me to register just for a few items that I did want brand-new (like car seats and strollers, since I had fairly strong opinions on those). And as I walked around the store with that little clicky-lasery gun, I just about wet myself laughing (yes, you can wet yourself laughing when pregnant. SHUT UP) at some of the crappity crap they convince you that you NEED when you have a baby. Chances are, unless you live in a Pottery Barn Catalog, you won't need some of these things.

So, what DO you need?"

car seat (safety devices are always being upgraded on these things)

stroller (see above comment)

nursing pillow (questionable--arms do just as good a job)

bottles/pacifiers (questionable--moms have been boiling bottle parts for centuries)

burp cloths/cloth diapers

diaper bag (alternative: giant used purse/tote or fly-fishing vest with many pockets)

safety supplies (outlet covers, baby gates, etc.)

crib (see safety comment above)

changing table (baby usually ends up getting changed on the couch anyway)

bottle/jar warmers (a low microwave works fine)

Pack-n-Play (these can be borrowed--also, baby can easily crawl out when older)

fancy high chair (again--borrow one)

bouncers/walkers/swings/Exersaucers (you grew up without these things, right?)

teething feeder (ends up getting chewed through in seconds)

expensive baby mattresses (borrow one--baby will outgrow it anyway)

crib bedding sets (SIDS hazard)

bassinets/cradles (baby outgrows these in WEEKS!)

fancy diaper disposal systems (what--the garbage can or reusing grocery store plastic bags isn't good enough?)

Crib-to-college bedroom sets (not EVEN sturdy enough to last that long!)

lacy, frilly, matching, coordinated fluffy decor items (baby will become tired of these as he/she grows up and out of the scenery you created)

Other than what I put in parentheses above, I have no other comments--I skipped the whole ordeal by not having kids.


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