Monday, November 15, 2010

Clear Out the Mailbox in 6 Months or Less- Opt Out of Catalogs

Catalog Choice

It will take some time for this to actually happen, because of the time it takes for a catalog to be made up, printed, and actually mailed. If you do this NOW, chances are good you won't get a deluge of holiday junk catalogs next year like you're probably getting now.

In the meantime, prepare for receiving OTHER catalogs you've never heard of--when you opt out, catalog companies sell your name to other companies, starting the process over again.

As you get an unwanted piece, take it and go to the site above, enter the information asked for, and wait. It WILL happen in time.

BEWARE: if you shop online and actually buy something, this is taken as an opt-in for their catalogs. You must go directly to their site to opt-out.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to opt out of everything, it is just impossible. My in-laws have been dead for 6 years, and THEY still get junk mail!

One way to ditch the junk mail is to move, or get a PO box--the post office doesn't forward anything but first class mail, and catalogs are fourth class. Eventually, they'll catch up with you when the companies do address updating, and the post office reports ALL address changes.


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