Friday, November 5, 2010

Dolce Antico

Alot of Occasions are coming such as  Eid or estqbalat Hajj .. 
You may consider sending Chocolate..
When coming to chocolate there is many options kuwait like : Patchi - Godiva- Vival - Rebell and many many more .. 
A new option to consider is Dolce Antico ! Very nice selection especially the paper wrapped ones :P i really don't know how to describe them they are something between a truffle and chocolate :P  however , they taste Heavenly ! would be perfect with coffee
Here are some of the arrangement you can find there 
Prices are in the high range not very cheap chocolate but worth it something new and tasty ;)
For more info check out Ansam's 

Dolce Antico 
Plaze Hawalli 


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