Monday, November 8, 2010

NY Teen Discovers Secret to High SAT Scores

From the Huffington Post.

"Milo Beckman, 14, became frustrated when his SAT score rose the second time he took the test. Why? Because he didn't think he did as well compared to the first time he took it.

So Beckman, whom the New York Observer once dubbed a "prodigy," formulated a hypothesis: That students who wrote longer SAT essays scored higher. And then he tested that theory. And he was right."


"An MIT professor corroborated Beckman's research. "Milo's findings are exciting to me for the reason that any researcher is excited when somebody else takes their research and applies it in an innovative way and replicates it. Because it confirms my research," Les Perelman told ABC."

This may also explain why women outnumber men in college--stronger language skills. If I had known this SAT secret when I was 18, I actually would've taken the darned thing! Back then, it was all math worries, and I don't do math so well.

Nowadays, give me a topic (other than math or science), and I can just about write about it (whether true or just bluff).


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