Monday, November 29, 2010

State Survey Finds Wide Price Range Among Groceries

From This survey was done in Massachusetts, but it exists in all 50 states, I'm sure. When I lived in Corpus Christi, there was a price difference in the same chain depending on the county you shopped in. Even the sales flyers were different!

"If you’ve ever had a disagreement with someone over whether there’s really a difference in prices at different grocery stores, a survey by the state Office of Consumer Affairs should settle it."


"The chains sorted themselves out neatly in the survey, too. Hannaford was the cheapest, followed by Stop & Shop. Shaw’s stores, with the exception of one store in Quincy, had the highest prices.

A Shaw’s spokesman said the company has plenty of saving opportunities for its customers."

Compared to WHOM? That is the key to differing prices where I now live--there is no competitor for miles. The chains that operate here make damned sure their stores are far-flung and not near any other store unless you have a car. Many folks here walk or ride the bus. Thus, there really is no comparison for these people--whatever's closest is the one they go to.

"At Shaw’s, we recognize that consumers’ budgets continue to be stretched, and we are committed to providing the best value we can to our customers through great sales, everyday double coupons, and creative promotions,’’ Steve Sylven said, citing a recent free turkey promotion that required customers to spend $500."

I guess I should be thankful Food Lion was only trying to rip its customers off for $270 for that free turkey!

"The Consumer Affairs grocery list included milk, eggs, orange juice, peanut butter, bread, baby food, cereal, soda, coffee, cookies, tuna, flour, sugar, stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey, corn, and canned pumpkin.

To have such fluctuations at the end of the shopping trip, a lot significant disparities were found along the way. The biggest disparity found was for a 10-pound turkey. The cheapest in the survey was $9.90 at a Hannaford and a Stop & Shop, while buying one at several different Shaw’s was nearly $25."

They count on us being distracted, and not paying attention--those who go shopping without a calculator are the most unarmed (and the most vulnerable).


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