Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Tools That Will Save You the Most Money

1. Calculator

2. Pen/pencil

3. Paper

4. Computer

Now I'll explain each.

Calculator--for calculating the cost per unit, and determining if something "on sale" is actually ON SALE or just more marketing.

Pen/pencil--for writing down good honest deals, sales, ideas, places you found deals, etc.

Paper--for note-taking (see above).

Computer--for checking up on found deals. Sometimes they turn out to be scams, and looking up these items on Google followed by the word "scam" usually yields a trove of complaints, warnings, and customer reviews. The computer also may reveal where the same deal is found cheaper, but beware of shipping/handling costs. The computer is also a handy place for keeping track of prices regularly bought (known as a price book), keeping track of when the best deals were found, and for warning others about a bad deal or a personal experience with a product.

Notice nowhere did I mention coupons, rebates, credit card tricks, loan tricks, etc. The one thing that will save you money GUARANTEED is to not spend it--but sometimes we have to spend, so we must learn to do it wisely. These are tools that will help you do it wisely.


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