Friday, November 19, 2010

With Group Purchases, Every Day is Black Friday

From WalletPop. I can say the same for bulk purchases and cost-per-unit ones as well. Who needs stinkin' coupons, rebates, "stacking" deals, and all the headaches and pitfalls that go along with them?

"Black Friday 2010 may be getting all the attention, but there are good deals to be had both before and after the big day. Group buying sites such as Groupon, cut prices due to mass purchasing and often times make each deal as worthwhile as those found in stores on November 26.

Here are the top five discount websites that allow shoppers to do holiday shopping all season long, with Black Friday prices, every day of the week in cities, both big and small."

1. BuyWithMe

2. Daily Candy

3. Woot sites:, wine.woot

4. Gilt City

5. Living Social

As usual, see original article link above for details on each. I've found that most of these sites are hawking deals for junk I don't buy, so deal-seeker beware. Also, I've found that the best holiday deals are AFTER the holidays.

For the overseas readers: these same types of sites are also available in other countries, such as:

Germany--Daily Deal and City Deal

Russia--Big Lion


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