Wednesday, December 15, 2010

4 Ways We Waste Our Money + Bonus

From MSN Money.

1. Credit card interest rates and fees

2. Overdraft fees

3. Unused memberships, rebates and gift cards (same for premium TV channels that go unused most of the time)

4. Airline fees

See original article link above for details on each.


5. Emulating coupon queens, tightwad kings, gift card queens, and other clever and inventive ways of getting around the real work of belt-tightening, doing all manner of things to avoid feeling the real pain of cutting back, and failing to realize the gains made from doing so. Otherwise known as ENGAGING IN FALSE ECONOMIES. Plenty of people are getting paid handsomely to pull the wool over your eyes: Jill Cataldo and her Super Coupon Queen lectures/DVDs, Mr. Tightwad and his newspaper column/blog, the inventor of the Grocery and Drugstore Games, and others getting paid for their stories that in the end turn out to be bogus. Everybody's making money (except me) telling you how to save it--some racket!


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