Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cheapskate Wisdom About Watching Free HDTV With An Antenna

From Time.

"The quote, from a NY Times piece about cord cutters who are dropping cable TV, comes from the president of a company that expects to sell 500,000 digital antennas this year, up from 385,000 in 2009.

The obvious attraction of these antennas is that, once purchased, they bring totally free TV viewing into the household. That might seem miraculous to the average consumer, spending $2,000 a year on cable, Internet, and other services, but in ye olden times most people watched TV in their homes at no charge whatsoever.

With all the money the consumer is not spending on pay TV, he now has the freedom and some extra dollars to pick and choose to pay for other content he actually wants—not that just happens to be part of some bundle of channels decreed by a cable company. When you do the math, it's readily apparent that by dropping cable you can buy a lot of other content. If your monthly cable bill was $40, that's around $500 a year after taxes and fees. And that's $500 you might choose to spend (or save) in lots of different ways."


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