Monday, December 13, 2010

The Economics of Want

From a college student: “ I was in Economics class today and the professor asked us to list 10 things that we wanted. These ten things had to be either manufactured goods or services.

I had difficulty with this assignment, because there aren't many things I want. I wasn't able to write down ten things, nor even five things. My list:

· A degree, which I was working on.
· A house, which I will have some day.
· A new vehicle, not really a requirement.
· A soda, because I was thirsty.

So why don't I want a lot of things, when everyone else in the classroom felt a limit of 10 things wasn't enough? Well I think its because I don't want things, plain and simple.

I live my life by necessities and not by accessories. For those who don't know the difference, necessities are things like water, electricity, food, clothes (nice, but not elaborate) and so on. Accessories are things like a fancy car, dinning out, satellite dish or even cable, and so on. I do have some things that are listed on the accessory part, but I can do without them and if need, they'd go.

Another reason I'm able to live within or below my means is that I don't have friends. Some say they are the best things in the world, but I just haven't seen that. They seem like another expensive luxury, among other things. I'm not saying that any of the things I listed above are wrong, its just that I live by the motto: "I'm not cheap, I just don't want a lot".

So what are YOUR 10 things, dear reader? Can you even come up with 10 things?


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