Sunday, December 12, 2010

For Those Who Care To Play the 12-Week Grocery Price Cycle Game: Coupons--Timing is Everything, So Know When to Buy

From GoErie. One of the Coupon Queens is here to help you out. :{

"Wouldn't it be easier if someone just told you what to buy and when? What if you could print a list of every product that's cycling low in price at your store, and that list also told you which coupons will cut those prices even more?

These lists exist. They're among the best tools couponers have to cut their grocery bills dramatically without spending a lot of time cutting and sorting little pieces of paper. Grocery list "matchup" websites take the hard work out of couponing. They follow sales cycles for stores around the country and each week they present a list of everything on sale at your store of choice, typically 100 to 200 items. Shoppers simply click the "on sale" products they wish to buy, print the list and use the site's matchup information to locate inserts in their stash where they can clip the corresponding coupons."


"First, they show shoppers the best time to buy. If the dish detergent is priced at $1.89 but goes on sale as low as 99 cents a bottle, it's smarter to wait and buy it when it's priced almost half off. Even without a coupon, you could buy two bottles during this sale for only slightly more than one bottle costs when it's not on sale. Add a $1 coupon and the detergent is free.

The trail mix priced at $2.19 for a 6-ounce bag is not an item I'd buy regularly. I consider that a high price. When it's on sale for nearly a dollar less, though, it's a better buy. With a $1 coupon, the price drops and it's an item I'm interested in taking home.

Now, imagine a list like this that spans every category in the store. You click only the items you intend to buy, print the list, then use the site's coupon insert references to sort through your files to clip coupons that correspond to your list.

You know you're buying what you need at the right time and at their lowest prices, because the matchup sites do the hard work, tracking sales and matching coupons."


"On my website,, I maintain an updated list of grocery list matchup sites featuring stores around the country. Click the "Getting Started" link to view them."

The Grocery Game does something similar, and here's why you don't need either the Grocery Game or the Drugstore Game. All of these games get you to buy crap foods/sundries you really don't need, and could find better prices on just by learning to read a shelf label correctly. Practicing a little self-control when it comes to marketing susceptibility doesn't hurt, either.

Both these women are cashing in on your inability to read shelf labels and do your own matching and organization. If you can't read a sales flyer, and match it up to your own coupons, I feel sorry for you.


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