Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From Gift Card Woe-ville: Mail Carrier Goes to Prison for Stealing Gift Cards and Other Mail

From WCAX Vermont. Geez--you just can't catch a break with these things! You're either buying fraudulently-gotten cards, counterfeit cards, or cards still under the old laws...if they even arrive at your house! Public library card is the way to go.

"A 52-year-old mail carrier who stole gift cards and other mail is going to state prison for one to three years.

Gregory O'Connell of Plattsburgh pleaded guilty in Clinton County Court on Monday to four counts of criminal possession of stolen property. He was arrested in May after a six-month investigation.

Besides the prison time, O'Connell was ordered to make restitution of $580.

Defense attorney Stephen Johnston had requested probation only, saying O'Connell's crimes were fueled by his addiction to scratch-off lottery tickets."


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