Monday, December 13, 2010

"I'm a Full-Price Fool"

From the Kansas City Star.

"According to a new poll, people who are rich (making $100-200k a year) use online coupons and people who are not rich (making $50k and under) do not. It's simple math really. Rich people are rich because they get deals with coupons and other people do not seem to be interested in getting deals. I'm the person you see in the corner of the store with the stamp on my forehead that reads "Please let me pay full price only."

I find this fascinating. The poll further details that it's not just rich folk who are looking for the deals ... they're rich and smart. College-educated people are more likely to also seek out bargains. But there's more. Rich, smart and hip. Yes, hip. Hip, as in cool, as in people who consider themselves socially and environmentally responsible ... people who see themselves as imaginative and extroverted are online right now, looking for coupons, bargains, and deals."


"Who isn't using coupons (other than the non-rich, that is)? Angry people aren't. Yes, people who identified with the sin of anger do not use online coupons. Angry people who are de-motivated, lazy and mostly male. Look, I'm not the pollster, I'm just reporting the results, so don't get all upset with me.

Bottom line? If you're smart and have dough and are pretty cool, you're saving oodles of cash with online coupons. If you're struggling financially, lazy and angry, you're online perhaps, but not strolling for deals."

First off, whoever did this poll is a moron--the article never says who, and has no links to the poll. Second, it very well could be that low-income people have BETTER ways of spotting a deal that DON'T REQUIRE COUPONS (like not spending in the first place).

Just last night, Hubby went trolling for a new office chair for his bad back, and found a chair with all the ergonomic adjustable bells-and-whistles a chair could possibly have, and it was about $100 cheaper than the rest he looked at, and the site offered free shipping WITHOUT A COUPON CODE. To top it off, he looked at the customer reviews for this particular site (looking more for complaint-to-compliment ratio), and found no complaints in the last 4 years.

He wrote to them asking how long the sale was going to be happening, because we understand that ordering something at this time of year is hazardous, both in shipping expectations and holiday order crush, so as this was not a Christmas present, plus the credit card WikiLeaks attack thing, we could wait--we just want to know how long we could wait.

Lazy? Demotivated? I think not--I just prefer to shop more CAREFULLY and DILIGENTLY than those who troll for coupons (marketing traps). To me, that's the EASY WAY OUT of bargain-hunting. Rich? I think not--rich people can afford to pay full price--they just don't want to. Of course, this all depends on how you define "rich." So-called poor people probably aren't spending in the first place---no need for coupons there!


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