Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grocery Challenge

From WCSH-6, Portland, Maine. I have the feeling I might have this one beat before even reading the article...

"Shoppers took to the grocery aisles Wednesday night with a goal, they had to come up with a meal for four under ten dollars.

The program Cooking Matters to Maine put on the event, The program teaches low income families how to eat healthy on a budget. The program is split up into six classes, meeting once a week. Typical classes take place in a classroom type atmosphere where local nutritionists and volunteer chefs teach everything from how to cook healthy meals, to reading grocery labels."


"Later the participants had an hour to choose their meals, once approved from their instructors they were given ten dollar Hannaford gift cards to purchase their groceries."

More information about the classes here. It doesn't surprise me that ConAgra Foods sponsored the event--I bet the participants even got extra credit for using ConAgra products in their meal menus.

Oh least it's a start in food education--something that's sorely needed in this country. I'd like to throw them a REAL challenge: feeding that same family of 4 on the same $10 budget FOR A WEEK instead of just a meal. Nowadays you can order a large pizza for $10 and have it delivered--so much for rummaging through a grocery store!


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