Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Health Alert! Aspirin May Cut Cancer Deaths--SUPPOSEDLY (I Explain)

From Yahoo Health and me.

"A new report from British scientists suggests that long-term, low-dose aspirin use may modestly reduce the risk of dying of certain cancers, though experts warn the study isn't strong enough to recommend healthy people start taking a pill that can cause bleeding and other problems."


"While some experts said the analysis adds to evidence of aspirin's potential to cut cancer risk, others said it falls short of changing advice to healthy people, and it failed to show the benefits apply equally to women.

The trials mostly compared men who took a daily dose of at least 75 milligrams of aspirin for heart problems to people who took a placebo or another drug. On average, the studies lasted at least four years."


"No funding was provided for the new Lancet analysis but several of the authors have been paid for work for companies that make aspirin and similar drugs.

Scientists said it would take some time to digest the study results and figure out which people should take aspirin.

Eric Jacobs, an American Cancer Society epidemiologist, called it a "major contribution" and said the study results, in addition to previous research, suggested aspirin's effects on the risk of dying from several cancers "appear likely."

Others said the study wasn't strong enough for doctors to start recommending aspirin."

Now for my explanation:

I have many problems with this--mainly:

1. The study doctors was funded by aspirin manufacturers trying to boost aspirin sales.

2. Aspirin isn't good for anyone with any kind of gastro or digestive disorders, or already takes blood thinners, or is allergic or sensitive to salicylates (aspirin is salicylic acid). Salicylates can cause tinnitus.

3. The study came out of Britain--the same bunch of people who helped fuel the fire of Bird Flu, SARS, and other flu "pandemics" that weren't. They also helped reinforce the global warming theory.

4. This is not new news--for eons, people have been told to eat their fruits and veggies. Yes, they ward off cancer and in much the same way as aspirin does: with salicylin. Any food that is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY contains salicylin, and therefore fights cancer without rotting your gut from the inside like regular aspirin would. This is how people get anti-inflammatories without actually having to take them, and explains why the Mediterranean Diet is so good for our hearts (it's loaded with anti-inflammatory, or salicylate-loaded foods).

Have a headache? Eat fruits and veggies. Wanna ward off cancer, the flu, or common cold? Eat fruits and veggies. Have heart or blood pressure problems? Eat fruits and veggies. Need to hear more? See my D-I-Y Health Care Reform Plan.

Britain just wants to get back in the good graces of the medical community, and make it look like they're still relevant at peddling cheap placebos to cure serious ills. How long have our own doctors been preaching 5-a day? then it got moved up to 8-a day. Now I think it's 10 a day or more. At this rate, who the hell needs aspirin--made by Bayer, a European conglomerate?


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