Saturday, December 11, 2010

How Clark Howard Saves Christmas

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The article was largely about Clark Howard's Christmas charities, but I gleaned these two tips from the article:

"Clark Howard isn’t an ordinary tightwad. He’s world-class. Clark Howard once took his boss to lunch ... at Wendy’s. There Clark bought one single hamburger and one single cheeseburger. He then sat at the table, took them apart, and reassembled them into a double cheeseburger. He saved around 70 cents. In New York, Clark once parked his rental car seven blocks away from his hotel ... the nearest free parking space he could find. He returned to his car the next morning to find it under a partially collapsed building.



"...when Clark Howard has a shirt that needs cleaning he donates it to Goodwill? He knows that Goodwill must clean the shirt before they sell it. He then shows up at the thrift center to buy the shirt back for less than it would have cost him to get it dry cleaned.

Clark Howard is a tightwad. We need more tightwads like him."

My solution is not to buy shirts that need dry cleaning when machine washing will do, but that's just me. As for the burger rearrangement, you can do something similar at any burger joint and come out ahead. Two hamburgers at Mickey D's can be made into a quarter pounder, and two junior Whoppers can be made into a Big Mac (sans secret sauce). I've worked at both, and know the ingredient lineup.


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