Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Gift Card Woes in New Jersey--Men Arrested in Credit Card, Gift Card Fraud

From North Apparently, these men stole credit cards to buy gift cards, to presumably be sold online for a discount. Quite a long way 'round to make a few bucks!

"...police responded to the Quick Chek store on N. Beverwyck Rd. to investigate a report of three men who purchased gift cards using a credit card that may have been fraudulent."


"The occupants were found to be in possession of $8,579.43 worth of gift cards that were purchased at the Quick Chek on N. Beverwyck Rd., The 7-Eleven on N. Beverwyck Rd. and another local convenience store.

They were also found to be in possession of a fraudulent Master Card which was used to purchase the gift cards. The three individuals were placed under arrest and transported to Parsippany Police headquarters where they were processed. All three were charged with credit card theft, fraudulent usage of a credit card and receiving stolen property."

There is no free lunch (except at Sam's Club on the weekends), and no truly discounted lunch without some sort of strings--such is the case with gift cards. I am glad, however, that the police are starting to catch the thieves BEFORE the cards end up online.


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