Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reasons NOT to Get Holiday Inflatables

As I make my way through residential areas to get to the main roads, I've noticed fewer lights up this year, as well as fewer inflatables--but there are still inflatables.

Reasons NOT to have them:

1. What blows up will come down--usually at knife point. Soon, kids will be out of school for the holidays, and become bored. Bored kids = mischief, and all it takes is one kid with a sharp object to bring down an expensive inflatable...or worse--they could STEAL it!

2. I always thought that these inflatables were like beach balls--blow up once, cap off, and done. Hubby tells me there are little fans in them that need to be plugged in and running 24/7 to inflate and KEEP INFLATED these yard monstrosities. Apparently, they're closer to hot air balloons than beach balls. Some are even lit from within by the fan unit. I can hear the meter running from here!

I ask "what's the point?" other than to show off some ineptness in money and energy use. I personally favor non-electric displays you can see in the daytime, like banners, creches, plastic snowflakes hanging in trees, garland draped around front porches, etc., even wreaths on the fence.


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