Friday, December 10, 2010

Stacking Online Coupons Could Save a Lot This Holiday Season

from ABC Action News. Throw in a discounted gift card on top of the coupon stack, maybe, to pay for it all?

"Woroch says that with you can crack the code and fill in that blank box at checkout with a simple search.

She recommends putting your buy on hold for a moment and using your search engine. You type in the company name along with “promotional code.”

You will be directed to web sites that organize promotional codes by store and category.

“These sites aggregate thousands of online coupons by easy-to-search categories. So it helps to find the coupon that meets your needs quickly,” says Woroch.

To save even more she suggests “stacking."

The trick to really maximizing and getting a deeper discount is by stacking these online coupons along with maybe a free shipping code or using a online coupon on a sale or clearance item.”

Woroch says to save more do a search for free shipping. This directs you to retailers that will offer the perk.

“During the holidays I urge you to look for free shipping. If one retailer doesn't offer it another one will.”

Woroch also has another angle to seek savings -- use social media sites to grab codes easily. “By following them you'll get exclusive deals and discounts that they offer to their social media fan base.”

She cautions the codes should always be free.

“There are some sites that may require you to sign up or pay to access the coupons, and that you should never do.”


" wary of pop-up coupons that require you to act immediately. These may sign you up for services that you do not want.

Be cautious of coupon sites that ask for your name, address, or account number to redeem coupons. And finally, contact the store directly to make sure the coupon will be honored."

Question: why does this have to be reserved only for holiday season? It sounds like a perfectly good shopping strategy to use all year 'round.


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