Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Third Edition of the Frugal Feast

As I write this, it isn't even above freezing, and the weatherman tells me there is worse to come--and it isn't even officially winter yet! Good thing we have a monthly feast...

Let's start with the obvious: David at Money Ning--"Can We Agree that Money is Important?" He says "Money is not everything but important nonetheless. We often try to downplay its role but we should only go so far!"

True, but how to get that money?

Here's Randall of Transcription Blog, and his 277 Ways to Save Money. "The epitome of living frugally, here is a very comprehensive array of 277 ways to save money, spanning everything from how to save money on groceries to how to travel frugally."

John at Passive Family Income brings us Effective Ways to Save. "Saving money can be one of the hardest things to do, however there are some key ways to budget and save money that people fail to take advantage of."

Rick Shiano of Rick’s Victory Blog brings us Biblical Prosperity for the believer in the audience.

Now that we can get money, and may have gotten money, how do we hang onto it?

Jane Sanders of Debt Management warns us of Holiday Deals—Not as Great as You’ve Been Led to Believe. Don't I know it! Black Friday should be named Black-and-Blue Friday, because people practically kill themselves and each other fighting for deals that will get even better the closer to Christmas you get...or even AFTER. Can you say FALSE ECONOMY?

The Family CEO shows us how to Save Money on Christmas—Buying Holiday Food.

While we're still in holiday mode, Gary Demps at Get a Master’s Degree lists 50 Free & Frugal Ways for Holiday Family Bonding and says "The article has gathered a list of 50 free or cheap outings and activities that will bring your family closer together this holiday season. Whether it is creating a work of art, building something new, simply playing a game, or traveling the world, they will give your children something they will never forget."

After the holidays, you'll want to attend to other needs, such as:

Silicon Valley Blogger of Digerati Life's Frugal Health & Beauty Tips—Look Good and Save $800/Year.

Sun of Sun’s Financial Diary and Thrifty Fun at Home. I'm certainly having fun making this carnival, but I'm not sure how thrifty it is. I'll leave that to a more accomplished frugalista to decide.

Sarah Winfrey of Parenting Squad shows us how to Save Money on Healthy School Lunches.

Susan Howe of Insure brings us a two-fer (I guess we got one free here): 7 Ways to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates, and 7 Little-Known Facts About Auto Insurance. Don't get tripped up by unnecessary insurance, or worse--the WRONG insurance.

And while we're on the subject of insuring and protecting what we've worked so hard and saved for, we need to insure the most important thing of all: ourselves.

Mike Ross of Budget Life has A Buyer’s Guide to Avoiding Life Insurance Fraud, and says "Here's a perfect guide for you to protect yourself from life insurance scams made by illegitimate insurance agents."

Now that we've become masters at scrimping and saving, making and hanging onto our money, we're Getting That Home Stretch Feeling (thanks, Debt Kid). Now we can afford to go to (or send a loved one to) college. Here's some helpful advice:

Cynthia Merritt of College Crunch alerts us to 10 Things College Students Need to Learn About Credit Cards. I only hope it's learned BEFORE ever getting to campus!

Wise Bread warns us of 5 Unexpected Moving Expenses.

And last, but not least, some comfort food for our college-bound student (before or after leaving home): Patti LeCron of French Education (another college?) sends us French Onion Soup on the Cheap!

Looking at it, it seems we're ending the Feast with the first course, but actually this is where the whole Feast list of offerings starts all over again. We'll have another Feast next month--hope to see you there. Send in your RSVPs (submissions) for a seat at the next table.


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