Monday, January 24, 2011

Honda Extends Carbon Reduction to All Suppliers

In a move similar to what Ford Motor Co. did not long ago, Honda is changing its supply chain structure to further reduce its carbon footprint. It's not brand new for the Japanese automaker, but it expands the guidelines outside that country and to all of its supply chain partners.

According to coverage, the manufacturer’s old guidelines, written in 2001, called for managing the CO2 footprint of its production processes, managing the use of chemical substances, and introducing environmental management meeting the ISO14001 standard. Now Honda has added to that list the improvement of product fuel efficiency and managing greenhouse gas emissions in all areas of corporate activities. The company is expanding its environmental purchasing guidelines to cover all its suppliers around the world.

“With the new guidelines, Honda will strive to better track and reduce the environmental footprint of Honda products throughout the supply chain beyond primary suppliers,” the company said.

Along with Ford's supply chain decision, announcements are being made regularly by automakers in Europe and Asia about greening supply chain logistics, and GM and Chrysler are catching up. Not necessarily with suppliers, but something the process is expanding beyond building and marketing plug-in, hybrid, and alternative fuel vehicles to include how the cars are constructed and what goes into them.


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