Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Death, come take me.

I've had Puffs Plus stuck up my nose for two weeks straight.

I think that my classmates draw straws before class to see who has to sit next to me. Whoever loses looks over and sees used tissues spilling out of my backpack and attempts to hold their breath for the next hour. Then everybody else, feeling obligated after having said bless you once at the beginning of class, blesses me repeatedly to the point where it's getting awkward. I have to blow my nose every minute hoping my classmates aren't getting angry at the fact that their notes have blanks at every point in which I sneezed louder than the professor was able to speak. And on top of all of this, it was decided by the people I work with that no cool people have allergies. So thanks mom for the automatic "uncool" gene that comes by way of itchy eyes and an endlessly runny nose.

Fun fact, in 6th grade we had to pick a comic that we would draw a graph over, resize the graph on a larger poster board and paint what was in each square from the comic to the poster board accordingly. This is the picture I painted. It was amazing. You can ask my mom.


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