Friday, February 11, 2011

Electric Car Insurance Might Be Higher, Lowenthal Changes Jobs

Green car news for the day...

Electric cars are not yet fully known by the insurance industry, causing some potential headaches for first time owners and hiking the price of premiums up above those increases already determined by driver age, location, occupation and miles driven per year, according to AllCarsElectric. A couple of the factors... while electric cars may not have as many components forming the drivetrain and fuel system as gasoline cars, the costs to replace electric drive trains, batteries and motors are more expensive right now. And while many investment firms and institutions have tried to come up with a realistic model for electric car depreciation, no-one can agree on it.

Coulomb Technologies has named longtime digital networking executive Pasquale "Pat" Romano as its new chief executive and president, replacing co-founder Richard Lowenthal. Lowenthal, who helped start the California-based company in 2007, is transitioning into the post of chief technical officer and head of Coulomb's government affairs office as the company makes a transition of its own from entrepreneurial start-up into the growth and marketing development stages.

The new Honda EV Concept electric vehicle will be displayed in Geneva, alongside a platform for mid-size plug-in hybrid vehicles. The concepts will be shown as part of Honda's "Road to Zero Emissions", illustrating the current technology of hybrids alongside the near-future technology of plug-in vehicles and the ultimate goal of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, like Honda's FCX Clarity.

Automotive News reports that production of the first 500 Wheego Whip LiFes is finally underway and the company expects to have them ready for retail sales on March 30th. The company claims 24 dealers have shown interest in selling the LiFe and the automaker's two additional models – a battery-powered pickup truck and a four-door electric crossover – which Wheego's president insists will debut by the end of the year.


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